About Best Staff Solutions

Best Staff Solutions has partnered with   Rigved Technologies to provide Innovation, Outcome & Collaborative Business Experience to Global Customers in Hi-Tech, Manufacturing, Energy & Utilities. Total employee count in India over 350 resources with experience in providing services for Enterprise Solution [SAP], Technical Solutions, Mobility/UX/UI Solutions and Cloud Solutions.

Client Focus

At Best, we work with our clients to understand the big picture as well as the small picture. You ask why? Because we understand the importance of big, small and everything in between and help by providing the highest level of service to our clients, and at the onset of each project, work with our clients to identify key program objectives and recommend strategy and tactics that provide both impact and value.

We Love what we do

Unlike most traditional staffing agencies, we give you direct interaction with the senior-level strategists on your business. As an independent agency, we have the unique ability to be selective about new client projects and the companies with which we work. We engage with clients when we have a true passion for their business and a deep connection with their work.

Relationship is the currency

Our consultants develops strong, meaningful relationships with clients and their teams alike. Many of our clients see us as a true extension of their internal teams and include us in ongoing strategy discussions, planning and implementation of overall projects. We deeply value and appreciate that role. We’re also equally as comfortable working alongside other partners to build the absolute best results for each client.

High Standards

Best has worked to cultivate a unique culture propelled by kindness, and we demonstrate that in the way we treat our clients, employees, industry colleagues and each other, which isn’t always a common business practice today. When making hiring decisions, we look for five core values (kindness, smarts, creativity, passion and hustle) to ensure our team is comprised of not only the most talented professionals, but also a supportive group of colleagues that truly works as a cohesive team.

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