• Agile 80%
  • Competent Team 90%
  • Customer Obsessed 95%
  • Collaborative 90%
  • Integrity 100%
  • Creative Thinking 100%
  • I.T. Professionals 100%

Our Services

At BEST Staff Solutions, we understand that great products and great companies are not built overnight. They require a special blend of customer understanding, market insight, strategic planning, relentless execution, and continuous measurement and improvement.
Revel teams bring experience, market savvy, business acumen, and skills to support the client’s business from end-to-end. Whether a business challenge requires a point solution or fully-integrated approach, our range of expert associates are organized around client needs first and foremost, with the structure and systems to deliver pure performance.

Who Are We

A team of Staffing Consultants with expertise in solving business problems and implementing staffing solutions for Fortune 500 clients across various domains such as Technology, Telecom, Healthcare and Retail.


Companies differentiate themselves by building competitive advantages through business strategies that are apt and tailor made to their business. However, coining powerful strategies and its efficient execution demand great levels of brain power and expertise backed by a business analytics engine. Moreover, implementing strategies and achieving business excellence is not an event but a prolonged process that requires sustained and channelized effort in the right direction corroborated by the business analytics engine. We have been a trusted partner for many clients including Fortune 500 companies and here is why they have chosen us:


Our team and processes are carefully designed and trained to be nimble and flexible for accommodating our customers’ needs. Agility enables our solutions to capitalize the Opportunity Window and generate higher ROI for our clients


This is the nucleus of our existence. We value truth and transparency. Everything we do is a white box to our customers and is the biggest reason for our success in the business.

Competent Team

Our team is the most pivotal player in our ecosystem. Our expertise across business verticals and blended skills in Business, Statistics and Technology helps us to carve out state of the art solutions for our customers

Creative Thinking

Diverse problems demand diverse and innovative solutions. Formulating and Implementing generic and obsolete solutions always fail. Creative thinking is the need of the hour and epicenter to our problem solving recipe

Customer Obsessed

Our start and end is “our customer”. All our activities are designed and executed with the perspective of adding value to our Primary stakeholder “Our Customers”

Robust Processes

We are tamed and committed to follow the structured and thoughtful processes instilled in our system for being efficient and effective in what we do


Our commitment, to a relationship–driven, collaborative business model, makes us engraved into the Customers’ firewall as an extended team. This indeed make us efficient in providing solutions that are tailor made for our clients